Our staff has a combined 45 years of experience in outdoor education, program development and leadership training.  Our staff holds several certifications in various disciplines.  Our concentration is on leadership development in a nature oriented classroom as well as outdoor recreational activities including, but not limited to:


            -Canoeing                    -Kayaking                    -Hiking                         -Backpacking               

            -Climbing                     -Repelling                    -Orienteering               -First Aid

                                      -Wilderness Travel                        -Gear Reviews 


Our Staff Experience

Mission: The mission of Longhunter Outfitters (LHO) is to connect the frontier of the past with the frontier of the soul.  We strive to promote the outdoor lifestyle through education, experiential learning and adventure.

-Former member of the US Army Special Operations Command and US Military Observer Group
-Former Director of Outdoor Program for the Boy Scouts of America
-Veteran Outdoor Skills Instructor (35 years combined experience)
-Certifed Explore Bowhunting and Hunter Safety Instructor
-Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Counselor (NRA)

-Certified NTA Firearms Instructor

-Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
-Certifed High Ropes and Teambuilding Program Manager and Training Evaluator

-Certified Repelling and Climbing instructor
-Certified Wilderness First Aid Instructor
-Veteran Kayak Fishermen

Who We Are: Longhunter Outfitters was founded as an organization to inspire people to enjoy and learn about the outdoors.  We concentrate on skill development through trainings and workshops.  We also offer guide services and gear suggestions based on our experience.  We believe in engaging youth and families in outdoor experiential learning.

+1.270-469-3891  |  info@longhunteroutfitters.com